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Secrets of the limo drivers

More than 1,000 limousines will fill the streets of Los Angeles ahead of the Academy Awards. One limo manager shares his secrets.
On Oscar night - this year 22 February - the usually car-clogged streets of Hollywood fall silent because everyone is at a viewing party or, if they're very lucky, sliding into a dress by Dior or slipping on a tuxedo en route to the big show.
The streets aren't entirely empty: countless limousines are zipping all over town, then making their way to the Dolby Theatre, more than a dozen blocks surrounding Hollywood Boulevard closed to all other traffic as the purring cars patiently wait to drop off their clients.
Parking's as difficult as a diva at the best of times in Hollywood, so where do hundreds and hundreds of limos - and their suited and booted chauffeurs - go to wait until they have to pick up again?
The answer is at another Hollywood, the Hollywood Bowl. One of the most famous concert venues in the world, it's just a little north up Franklin Ave, and very convenient for a quick recall to collect the lucky winner or unlucky loser.
Alex Darbahani and a limo
Image captionAlex Darbahani with a car from his fleet
Hired out just like it would be for a concert, the Bowl's wooden benches are empty on this night. Parking space is the star attraction here, and it quickly fills up with a stream of classy cars.
"It's a military-style operation," explains Alex Darbahani, chief executive of KLS Worldwide Chauffeur Services, who estimates that around 500 to 800 cars will be parked at the Bowl and over 1000 more on the streets throughout the day. Not everyone is going to the ceremony itself; there are plenty of Oscar-related happenings, too.
"It's our biggest night of the year. I have to put on a magic show, and show who we are. It's a red carpet for us, too," he says. As a boutique firm, many of their limos are hired by production companies and studios rather than individual actors.
The minimum rental is eight hours at $140 - $425 (£90-£275) per hour, depending on the vehicle: a stretch limo, an SUV, a sedan, a Rolls Royce or something else.
On site, the Bowl parking is carefully segmented by limo company. Before chauffeurs get to turn off the engine they have to pass through a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) security check - explosives K9 and all - and even then plain clothes LAPD officers will be there to keep watch.
Despite the futile efforts of over-enthusiastic fans and paparazzi, you're not getting into the Bowl without an official parking pass - even if you're a superstar. Each pass has a number, and after the show the KLS rep at the Oscars will take it and call up for the corresponding ride. Darbahani says, half-jokingly, that at times the red carpet becomes the most glamorous valet stand in the world.
Jennifer Lopez
Image captionDuring awards season stars like Jennifer Lopez need limos for bodyguards and handlers.
KLS staff at the Bowl includes a mechanic and someone armed with a duster and spray to give cars the metaphorical spit-and-polish.
Sometimes the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) will put up a big screen TV for the chauffeurs to watch, and often car companies will arrange a catering truck. But the chauffeurs aren't there for the food, nor are they allowed to leave their vehicles unattended during the four-hour ceremony - they're there to provide tip-top service.
After all, this is a night that often goes on long past the ceremony itself. "Nearly everyone goes to a party after the Oscars - Vanity Fair, Elton John's, the Governor's Ball - and then there are the after-parties, which are usually at homes, on boats, or in hotels," says Darbahani.
Most vehicles start the day at 7 or 8am, and half stay out until around 4 or 5 in the morning.
It's not just picking up the glitzy celebs from a hotel (they rarely depart from their actual homes) and taking them to the ceremony. Many people are coming in from overseas and need to be picked up at the airport, taken to their hotel, then taken to the event.
Celebrities have hairdressers, make-up people, dress companies and jewellery suppliers coming to call. They have to be collected too. Darbahani mentions a regular client, Jennifer Lopez, who might have armed guards: not for her, but for the sparklers she's been loaned to wear for the night.
Limo interiors
Image captionThe interior of a limo from KLS
As usual, Darbahani expects to have at least 50 cars working this year, but he can sub-contract out to 80 smaller companies if things get busier. "Most people tend to book just 10 days to two weeks before. It's always the last thing they do."
Cooperation, not competition drives the big four or five companies including KLS on awards nights. Since almost every car in town is being used, they need to work together and put rivalries aside to keep things running smoothly. Everyone knows that "the person awarding the contracts for the whole of next year for CBS or Disney is probably in the vehicle," and those contracts can be worth millions of dollars a year.
There are still competitors to look out for though. In the last few years car companies like Audi and Tesla have offered a car and a driver for free. Bottled water and magazine companies are keen to offer free product and muscle their way into the Oscar-day limos.
That water has to be room temperature, not chilled, because "it can affect their voice," says Darbahani, and the same applies to the AC - that has to stay switched off.
Hollywood Bowl
Image captionThe Hollywood bowl amphitheatre will be empty, but the parking lot will be full
Behind the tinted windows there are also chips, peanuts, juice and hard candy ("chocolate is too messy,") too, but it's usually requested that the drinks cabinet stays dry. No one wants any flubs in front of the camera, though the champagne is usually in the trunk ready for after the show.
The limos are mini-offices, with Apple TV, wifi and Bluetooth. Chauffeurs always take time to lay out the goodies, even arranging the napkins, because a good impression (or knowing the nearest place to get cigarettes) can affect the size of their tips, which Darbahani says average around $100, though can be as much as $800 - or as little as $20.
Special requirements cost extra, of course. One "very well-known actor," says Darbahani discreetly, "wanted incense, no music, and a specific route for the driver to take. He was meditating in the car before the Oscars."
Drivers have an emergency kit as well: a black bag with travel-size hairspray, mouthwash, a small sewing kit and other bits-and bobs.
Image captionSome stars are eschewing limos in favour of cars like the the Tesla
"It can get them a big tip," says Darbahani, recalling the time when a driver had to staple the dress of an actress. "In the pictures from the event, you can see how she kept her hand over the staples the whole time."
Planning begins several weeks in advance, and at the main office there's a dispatch room "like air traffic control," which ensures they know where all the drivers are at all times.
"It's a nightmare, because everyone is always changing their pick-up times, and we can't say no to clients. The night before the Oscars I don't get home until 2am, and I only relax after the Oscars have ended."
And does anyone ever leave Oscar behind on the back seat?
"Never!" he laughs. "They always hold onto it. It's priceless! But when our details guy is washing the cars the next day, our lost and found box is quickly full: iPhones, keys, make up, make up cases, lipsticks, once a watch worth $68,000. The phone rings all day. We also find bras, clothing, underwear. Sometimes there's no place to change, and clients change in the vehicle."
But there is one thing that always gets left behind: "Fake hair! Toupees! We have a lot - a lot! No one ever claims those, even though some of them are very expensive!"

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How to choose the best Chicago limo service

Choosing the right limo service can be a cumbersome task. With so many companies and cars to choose from, how do you pick the right one? The key is to do your homework. Below are seven tips to select the best limo service for your needs.

1. References and reviews

Check out web review sites like Angie’s List. The best way to learn about a company is to hear from former customers. They can give you a non-biased insight to the service you can expect to see from the organization.

2. Years In business
Business experience is important. There are lots of nuances in coordinating a successful ride. The best way to make sure that everything runs smoothly is to hire a company with in-depth experience in transportation. If you find a newer company that seems to meet your needs, check into the experience of the staff.

3. Fleet
There are an abundance of choices for vehicle types, stretch limos, party buses, custom-built trolley, shuttle buses, stretch SUVs and Mercedes sprinters. The average fleet size is five. Smaller companies will obviously have fewer choices and less availability.

4. Review your options in person
If you’re renting for a major event, like a wedding or prom, take the time to see the vehicle you’re renting. Nothing is more deflating than getting picked up in an old limousine or worn and tired party bus. You might be able to get a good sense of the vehicle from pictures online, but make sure to confirm that the transportation you expect is the transportation you get.

5. Cost
Price is obviously a factor. Limousine companies sometimes have layers of fees that they add on to your base rate. You’ll see fuel surcharges, administration costs, tolls and gratuity for the driver. Suddenly, your bill is 30 percent higher than you quote. Make sure you final price is all-inclusive.

6. Referrals
One of the best ways to find good limo services is through word of mouth. Ask a friend, relative or co-worker who they might have used and if they were happy with the service. A first-hand referral may be the best way to select a limousine company.

7. Safety
While, it isn't sexy, it is vital. Check to make sure the company has a valid certification. Do they have liability insurance? Are their chauffeurs professionally trained? Are the vehicles DOT inspected and DPU approved?

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Limo Service Chicago

Limo Service Chicago

The implausible Limo Service Chicago has been witnessed a impressive history. It doesn't indicate you imagine an older edition. In fact, Chicago Express Limo service is a tie among times of yore and present, with an assortment of updates commencing time to time. Now, you boast both the categories of typical and most modern models. But apiece of our limousines is laden with the most modern-day conveniences, no matter what model is it. Depending upon your personage taste, you will be pleased to find range of your choice; range of colour, multiplicity of size, diversity of model, variety of our expert services, array of our packages, and much more. Life has become tremendous in a second just because of our glorious limousines' offers.

Stretch your imagination
Limos stretch far beyond their limit. They do so to accommodate your wishes. A lot of engineering also goes beyond this unique design. The suspension is strong and the engine is capable of carrying extra load. But, you do not have to bother about these details. Once you are inside the limo, soak yourself in its elegance. The subtle lighting will calm down your mood. The thumping music will get your feet moving. A limo has everything that you can ask for in a party.

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Party Bus Chicago

Party Bus Chicago
Party Bus Chicago Best for your Parties

Party Bus Chicago
The Express Limo Party Bus has the huge party bus Knowledge in Chicago IL. We provide excellence service with finest fleet and the finest service so that you can acquire your rentals with pleasure.

Our organization provides persistent client support and the best shore up players so with the purpose of you may understand a hiccup-liberated ride. Our party buses can be booked to make occasions like Prom Party, Bachelor/ette Party, Wedding Party, Anniversary Parties last but not least Night out town.

The best memories with Express Party Bus Chicago. We make every effort to be on schedule so that you can count on us to be on plan for your important events.
With auxiliary best and vital party buses added to our fleet and innovative exciting themed events being introduced for your pursuit, we want to make sure that when you think of Chicago Party bus hire or corporate events and Christmas parties, you think of us.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon. One thing is for sure, we will strive to continue to guide the way for all your celebration, function and travel requirements.

If you are looking at safe and cost effective transport for your school, contact us now and we can give you some very competitive prices.

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Chicago Party Bus

Chicago Party Bus
Chicago Party Bus for Prom,Party,Wedding & many more...

Express Chicago Party Bus  offers you a range of services and electrifying choices for all your transfer solutions. Our endeavour is to go beyond your expectations with our excellence customer service so we can be your primary choice for all your transportation and group function requirements. We have a protracted history of looking after people with more than twelve years experience in transporting thousands of clientele around Chicago and additional 10 years in systematize business gathering and parties.

All our drivers are highly skilled and we make every effort to maintain a high standard of service. In 2000 we started the company with a fleet of six vehicles; we now have numerous vehicles in our fleet.
Party Bus

Although our company has grown significantly, we confidently believe in maintaining the principles and practice our best - where our customers come first. We believe the key to success is eminence customer service, without your participation nothing of this would be achievable. We will continue to meet up and surpass customer expectations in the future.

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Valentine Limo - Chicago limousine Service

Chicago Limo - Limousine Service for Valentine DayAffordable chicago limousine service for valentine day to make it special for you love one

"Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." -Robert Heinlein

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Chicago Limo Service | Limo Service Chicago

Chicago Limo service Chicago Limousine Service

Chicago Limo Service - Chicago Limousine
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Chicago Limo Best Limo Service Chicago 


Whether you need a Limo Service Chicago to commute between home and office or you need a safe & on time Chicago Limo Service for an evening with family or friends, you can rely on our Chicago Limo Service for all your Limo Service Chicago needs!



Chicago Car  Service Chicago Town Car Service

Corporate Car service in chicago | Town Car Service | Airport trip | rent a Car

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Chicago Airport Limo - Chicago Airport transportation


Every Airport is different and our knowledgeable, experienced and courteous chauffeurs have vast experience in providing fast, safe and on time Chicago  Airport Limo to all travelers. We are located very close to Chicago O’Hare Airport and we always have our Limousines and Sedans on the stand-by, so count on us if you need a O’Hare Chicago Airport Transportation Service, call us and we will be there before time! We will check your flight arrival time and our driver will always be at Chicago O’Hare Airport before your flight lands. Give us an opportunity to serve your Chicago O’Hare Airport Limo Service needs!



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Our knowledgeable chauffeurs will tour you around the Chicago City Metropolitan area in your favorite limo in style. You don’t have to worry about parking. We will drop and pick you up right from the sights, monuments and memorial in Chicago. We can show you all the sights in the Chicago Metro area in Limousine. Express Windy City Tour Limousine Service Chicago provides Chicago Limo service to the Chicago Loop, Addison, Algonquin, Aurora, Elmwood Park, Evanston, Forest Park, Franklin Park and whole Illinois State as well as neighboring states Michigan (MI) & Indiana (IN) etc.


Don't drink and drive, leave the driving to us! When you want an enjoyable Night out on the Town without the hassle of parking or the worries of a designated driver, turn to Expedite Night Out Limo Service Chicago From the moment we arrive, your evening will be luxurious, peaceful and relaxing with our Night Out Limo Chicago. Our Chicago Limo chauffeurs will attend to your every need and make sure that you arrive at all of your destinations safely and on time.

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Affordable Chicago Limo - Kiss of Life

Chicago Limo - KISS OF LIFE - 773 237 5466

“A man reserves his true and Deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy.” George Jean Nathan

An awesome date with my beautiful bride and a sweet memory of life.
It Was a Sunday; temperatures reached the mid 60's in Chicago. No worries about Heat exhaustion today. The sky is a deep, deep blue, the humidity has Disappeared overnight, and there's a gentle breeze keeping the heat down even on the front porch, which faces right into the sun  While many people were seen walking the streets of Chicago on this beautiful Fall day and I have nothing to do just read about Chicago limo services and during that I receive a call from one of my friends, he plans to spend a day out with her girlfriend, ask for limousine contact as I experience the best Limousine service company i.e. expedite limousine service and I gave that contact number to him.
Chicago - America’s second city wonders why it attracts a fraction of the millions because It has a memorable skyline, great architecture and one of the world’s finest art galleries. It has a musical heritage second to none and superb Restaurants also lake is gorgeous.
Thereafter, I realize that I am free for a whole day and I should have to plan for a date mean surprise date then immediately I called my girlfriend to find either she is free or not and eventually, she replied: I am on the job [her work for some restaurant] and too busy, that makes me angry but I do not lose my hope. J
In Second half, Called express Chicago  limousine, Mr. Adam – one of my best buddy, I tell him complete story and they replied “ GREAT” I was shocked to hear this and said “WHAT” Then he said ask her when she’ll off.
I called her and ask her “when you’ll be off”, she replied 6 PM. Then Adam said,” you have enough time to make your day special with beautiful lady just be prepare”.
Mr. Adam guide me step by step what I suppose to do then I went to buy Flower, Chocolate and teddy bear for her also book expedite limo, the best Chicago limousine, Also Adam arranges candle light dinner for us.
I reach her restaurant when she came out and surprise to send me in black Tuxedo with Champaign and black beauty stretch Limousine then I ask “Can I have a pleasure to spend a beautiful evening with Miss. World”; she said YES and hug me.
Driver open Limo door for us and serves Champaign and play beautiful collection of low Rhythm romantic songs and we move all around Chicago land it was like divine driving, I feel like Santa Clause gives us a ride in clouds, time was too fast and hour converted into minutes and minutes in seconds then driver drop us on a restaurant where we book candle light dinner.
In the Restaurant, I was surprised to see Mr. Adam – owner of Expedite limousine, He arranged delicious Chocolate cake with beautiful romantic songs and Candle light dinner.
“ A good relationship is like a tree. It demands attention and care in the beginning. But once it grows, it provides shade in all situations of life.”
Finally, Special thanks to Mr. Adam from Express Limo Chicago for such nice arrangement which is beyond my imagination and make my day A beautiful memory of my life that feeling I can’t explain in words and that awesome day of my life is like a “BEAUTIFUL KISS OF LIFE”.
“ A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” Ingrid Bergman

Written by, M. Danish

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Chicago limo - chicago express limo - call (773) 237-5466 | visit:

Limousine Service Chicago

KISS OF LOVE (Dynamite Date )
Beautiful Date with someone special

This is the only way to increase your productivity.


Spend day out with your love ones and value your family


Experience the best among the rest

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Welcome to Chicago Limo, the right place to look at if you ever need any kind of transport. No matter whether you need a luxury limo for a special occasion, or you need a car for your business trip, you will find any of these in this website.

All our limos are of best quality. Moreover, we offer the most professional drivers. If it happens that you need more than one limo, you just need to ask our staff. Our chauffeurs are always in touch and no work is too big or too small for them.

Chicago Limo full of excitement !

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May be you have to go to a special dinner in limousine, you may need to go to the theater or opera and you wish to get off a luxury car or you just worry about parking,Our limo Service Chicago can assist you. May be you dream to look stylish at your birthday, Stag party or anniversary. You wish to make every special event unforgettable. All you need to do is to search for your limo right here. We even have Hummer H2 Limousine – and its surrounding areas – for you to consider.

Don’t worry about the money. We guess that you think a limo is an unaffordable luxury. That is not true. We offer both the best quality and best prices in limo. You will be surprised how reasonable our  Limousine Service prices are. Moreover, no compromise with the services is allowed. Our limos are even very good if you want to arrive at the Airport in a luxury vehicle. What can better demonstrate prestige than a shiny limo? We promise that you will always arrive in time and in style.

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Chicago Limo Affordable Chicago Limo Best Limo in Chicago Call Expedite Chicago Limo for Best Affordable Luxury Limo Chicago

Limousine Service Chicago
Limo Service Chicago

Limo Service
in Chicago under your budget 

Our motive is to build long term customer relationships with people through limousine services and expert to make your day memorable.

Our Limo Service does not require any introduction when it comes to Limousine Service, the strong portfolio of the company speaks the story with a very rich experience of more than a decade.

We at Limo service Chicago, when use the word limousine service for our work, we provide full justice to it. Our high values and work ethics have enabled us to provide highly interactive and impressive services using the best practices of Limousine Service. Chicago limo Services
are best in Limo class which gives 100 % satisfaction to the customers.

Limousine Service
Team of highly Skilled and experienced professionals in all sector of Limo services for Corporate /Business deals we provides latest limo facilities which helps you to achieve your business targets better, faster and stay ahead of competition. 

Chicago limo services
We provide Complete limo Service like
Chicago Limo, Chicago Limousine Airport Rides, Proms Limo, Weddings and Charters with Chicago Limo SUV, Limo Sedan, Stretch Limo, Limo Bus, Party Bus and many more.

About Limo Service
Chicago Limo Service was founded in Chicago, IL. It commenced whilst a one car function. Nowadays, after administers of actuates, Chicago Limo Service is matchless of the biggest and fastest growing limousine services in Chicago after fashioning most of the fleet of corporate sedans, stretch limousines,Passenger vans, Passenger mini-buses.

Why Chicago Limousine?
Chicago Limo Service can service efficaciously any ground conveyance desires that you may have thoughtless of our reputation as an undivided prime, service-driven company, Chicago Limo Service costs are still gear up for action when evaluated with other legitimate, high-end limo services. Our customers chain from the erstwhile a year holiday traveler to boastfully corporate nodes that may deplete to decade trips a day.

Chicago Limousine Service, unitary of Chicago's Limo Services, in business since geezerhood and years has dressed transportation to some of the selfsame important citizenry as well as thousands Executives and topical anesthetic residents. But we are not fillet there! On acme of our unprocurable idolatry to our clients, we have pursued transportation commissions and completely orchestrated the dignitaries transportation and shuttles for all your special functions and events.  

Chicago’s most adept Limousine and transport Company which is dishing Chicago. You have picked out peerless of the most bombastic and most multifaceted services in this realm. With our Brobdingnagian fleet of corporate and VIP fomites you’re assured to find incisively what you demand with Limo land's Limousine Service. So arrest finding out, you ascertained the prolusion you wishing ripe here!  

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